This 28-year-old travels the world and earns $ 500,000 a month

This 28-year-old travels the world and earns $ 500,000 a month

John Crestani lives the dream: Hardly work, travel a lot, and still make a lot of money. How did he do it? He kept trying until an idea really sparked.

The disadvantage of even nice trips is that you usually have less money afterward than before. It’s different from John Crestani. The 28-year-old travels the world as he likes it – and yet his bank account is getting bigger and bigger. He earns $ 250,000 to $ 500,000 a month, according to a report by the business magazine “Forbes” – even though he only works a few hours a week. Crestani has built an online marketing company that ensures a permanent flow of money. He rarely has to sit in any office.

However, success did not come overnight. Crestani, who describes himself as an explorer, marketing person, and obsessive fast-food eater on his website, had to accept a number of failures before he was successful. His first attempt to get rich started with an eBay shop. eBay sales earned him $ 1,000 to $ 2,000 a month, according to Forbes. Then PayPal closed his account because he was selling products that were not compatible with the regulations. He doesn’t say what those were.

Solutions for university exams as PDF

Crestani enrolled at the university, where the next idea came to him. He got the solutions for all important online courses and sold them as PDF documents. “It was a crazy feeling. I never thought that a PDF file could be so valuable,” Crestani said Forbes. He is said to have earned $ 1,000 a day with the method. Until the university stepped in and chased him off the farm for prohibited practices.

At the age of 22, he joined a marketing company in Los Angeles. Here he got to know the world of online advertising and search engine advertising. He rose in the company – until he broke up with his boss and left the company.

A company like a money printing machine

From now on, he wanted to be his own boss and build his own online marketing empire. Crestani analyzed the market and identified a gap in the market: With his company Nutryst, he specialized in increasing the sales of homeopathic remedies through online advertising – he now makes a profit on every sale made through his marketing network. The system now works so well that Crestani hardly ever has to be at the company in Santa Monica, California.

Instead, he travels the world and keeps in touch with his ten employees on the go. Whenever he creates an ad campaign, he records the work step by step so that his employees can later replicate it for other campaigns.

Incidentally, Crestani’s Bible is Tim Ferriss’ bestseller “4-hour week”: It is about the goal of developing a business model that will eventually run so independently that physical presence in the company is no longer necessary. John Crestani has actually achieved the goal.

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