The Best Affiliate Training by John Crestani

The Best Affiliate Training by John Crestani

If you are involved in web marketing, chances are you have seen or heard tons of stories about ordinary people, certainly like you and me, who made their fortune on the Internet. You may wonder how this is possible. When it comes to affiliate marketing, everyone can be successful online, but it depends on the techniques you use, the mistakes you don’t make, and the support you get from the experts.

To get all these elements that will guarantee your success in affiliation, you must necessarily train yourself. There are many training courses in this area on the web, but we have chosen one that may particularly interest you: John Crestani’s Super Affiliate System 2.0.

What is affiliation?

Most people have heard of affiliate marketing, even if they have not yet done so. Affiliate marketing is basically about directing people to various products and services on the Internet. For each sale generated through your affiliate link, you earn a commission. The amount of the commission depends on the products themselves, the person who sells them, and the percentage offered by the seller to the affiliate.

Thousands of people already derive their main source of income from the Internet. To get started as an affiliate, you need to know the basic strategies and create different methods to drive traffic from the Internet to your offers.

One of the benefits of affiliation is that technology is now available to allow anyone to start their own business online. You just have to be willing to learn and apply that knowledge. The main thing you need is the desire to learn.

You need to spend a little time on your affiliate business for it to work for the long term. Some people get into the affiliation thinking that this is a magic pill that will instantly pay them cash. Membership is linked to performance. This means that you will not be paid unless you can successfully sell products and services online. If you don’t know what you’re doing, it can take years. You cannot be an amateur and expect to make a lot of money.

Many affiliates create their own products for sale online. However, when you are starting out it is a good idea to learn the basics of marketing first. Don’t waste time creating products if you don’t know how to sell them. There are many products available for sale online. Your priority should be to learn how to market them, and that requires good affiliate training.

Who is John Crestani, the trainer?

John Crestani has specialized in affiliate marketing for years, earning hundreds of thousands of dollars each month.

Dismissed by his employer, John embarked on web entrepreneurship and after several failures, he finally found success in the online health supplement industry. He is now the CEO of his own company.

Its main goal is to teach people how to live life at their own pace by developing a successful affiliate marketing business. If you regularly browse Forbes articles or YouTube channels, you have certainly seen this bearded entrepreneur.

John’s credibility is strengthened today through his relationships with big names in the affiliation field.

John Crestani offers 2 main affiliate training programs:

· The Jetset program: for free traffic methods and affiliate marketing

· The course SAS (Super Affiliate System): for training in paid advertising and marketing for affiliates.

John Crestani Affiliate Training Presentation

The Super Affiliate System is John Crestani’s online marketing program. It introduces newbies to the world of affiliate marketing. Even as an affiliate marketer, you will find great information there.

John not only offers unique strategies and tips but also brings in other experts in the field.

The Super Affiliate System training teaches how to use paid traffic methods to grow your affiliate marketing business. She will show you how to create extremely profitable affiliate campaigns.

The basic skills of the course are Writing, Data Analysis, and Research. With these skills, you will know to effectively market products online.

John’s Affiliate Training, Super Affiliate System, is an easy, step-by-step course to get you to become an affiliate marketer in paid advertising.

The course is divided into 8 weeks (including 50 hours of content) plus additional resources. It is entirely focused on paid advertising methods.

Week 1 deals with System Configuration. You will learn how to set up the basics of your business, such as your website, pre-sale pages, and Facebook ads.

In Week 2, you will need to understand the system. Here you will learn more about strategy and mindset. To start an online business, you need to understand the basics of business and unlock the super affiliate mindset that is within you.

Week 3 focuses on Marketing Skills. During this week, the focus is on writing, probably the most important skill of all marketers. Here you will learn how to write good content and optimize your ads.

Week 4 focuses on Facebook and Google Ads. It’s self-explanatory. You will learn how to configure Facebook and Google Adwords campaigns by respecting their rules. Not to mention that these are the two most popular advertising platforms (more than 2 billion active users per month).

Week 5 focuses on Native Ads and YouTube. Here you will learn how to harness the power of native advertising (paid ads included in a multimedia format based on the content of the web page) and, of course, how to create ads on YouTube.

Week 6 is about Scaling and Outsourcing. Once you have the marketing and advertising skills, it’s important to learn how to automate your business to grow it. That’s what it means to have a super affiliate spirit.

In Week 7, you will learn how to do more advertising campaigns. There are more options to launch your advertising campaigns, apart from the two most popular advertising platforms such as Facebook and Google. In this module, John explains how to do paid advertising on other platforms, especially Bing or LinkedIn.

Finally in Week 8, you will learn about the implementation of the system. The focus here is on finding a niche, the offer to choose and the appropriate ad network to join. Therefore, this module is crucial to start taking action and choosing the direction in which you want to go with your own online business.

In your member area, you will also benefit from additional support and resources.

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In conclusion

John is quite original in his approach and wants to offer a good experience to those who join his affiliate training program. John Crestani talks a lot about generating FREE traffic. This training is also advantageous in terms of price. Indeed, some unique content is included that you will not find in other programs for the same price range.

It’s a step-by-step course that is great for beginners and offers many useful marketing tools and resources. You’ll also enjoy John’s live webinars and ongoing support.

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